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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Feeling Overwhelmed?


This interactive no-prep digital lesson plan is perfect for the blended learning environment. Completely digital, assessable, and engaging. Designed for middle grades, but easily adaptable- easy to edit. Whole-child social-emotional learning-appropriate for all subject areas. The mini-project includes a video to an inspirational mindfulness message, video instructions for the project, and a corresponding journal prompt.


Pages can be done together or separately. Sometimes when I am low on time, I skip page 1. I like to over plan :)


Page 1: Mindful video message about how feeling overwhelmed is natural and reflect on what is making students feel overwhelmed. This is a guided journal prompt.


Page 2: The feeling overwhelmed project encourages students to focus on controlling what they can. They choose from a list of activities that promote wellness- all activities are less than 6 mins with a video. Then students reflect on how this activity did or did not help them feel less overwhelmed.

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